Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

I take the safety and well-being of children and young people very seriously. This document sets out how Jump classes, workshops and performances are run to ensure that every effort is made to protect and nurture those children and young people who participate.


The Jump curriculum is built on the idea of nurture and the development of confidence and well-being in children and young people (CYP). As such all activities are undertaken and planned in consultation with those taking part. Workshops, classes and performance work are led sensitively, with the needs of the individual and group in mind. Children will never be expected to do anything that they find exposing or uncomfortable. They will of course be stretched, but only in response to their needs, age and level of ability.


Working methods

All Jump activities have the well-being of CYP at their core and operate under the following guidelines:

  • Activity will be led or will be supervised by a CRB/DBS checked tutor, often the Principal.
  • All tutors and support staff will be chosen for their skills and aptitude for working with CYP
  • Children under 4 must be accompanied by their parent or guardian.
  • Contact details of parents/guardians will be kept and contact made in the event of an accident or illness.
  • CYP will be kept on the premises and under the supervision of Jump staff until they are collected by parent/guardian.
  • Parents/guardians are required to disclose any illness, allergy, disability or special need that might affect their child’s ability to participate.
  • Group sizes will be kept to a reasonable size, commensurate with the type of work being undertaken – where groups sizes are larger additional staff will be provided to support and supervise activity.
  • Jump classes will always be led by competent, experienced tutors.
  • Every effort will be made to identify any special or additional needs of participants. Appropriate support will then be offered in consultation with parents and guardians.
  • CYP will be supervised at all times when working and during breaks.
  • The door of the village hall will be locked during classes – Fire Escape will of course remain unlocked and fully accessible.
  • Separate toilets for boys and girls will be made available at every session.
  • Facilities for those with disabilities including access ramps and toilet are always available.


Photographs, Film and Social Media

Jump has a vibrant web presence that celebrates the work of its participants. Photographs, artwork and filmed performances will from time to time be shared on these platforms, but always within the following guidelines:

  • Any events recorded by Jump employees or those invited by Jump to document classwork, performances or workshops will only be shared beyond the classroom with the permission of the participants and their parents/guardians.
  • Parents are free to film or photograph sharings or performances. Jump cannot be held responsible for any use of this material on social media platforms out of its control, but is happy to work with any children or parents who feel uncomfortable about this.
  • Jump will always make footage and images available on request to children, parents and guardians prior to any form of publication.

Public Performances and Guest Artists

Jump will from time to time create performance work or teaching opportunities that will see participants working alongside adult professional or amateur performers, such as the Jump Singers or West End performers taking part in the Christmas concerts. These are exciting and important opportunities for the development of the participants, but in many cases these adults will not have DBS checks in place. In these circumstances the following guidelines will be followed:

  • CYP will always be under the supervision of a DBS checked Jump tutor or support worker,
  • Separate changing areas will be identified for CYP, with gender specific areas.
  • Separate seating areas will be provided for CYP during rehearsal and performances
  • CYP will be supervised during breaks and parents or guardians invited to attend rehearsals if they wish.


Child Protection Issues

The nature of drama and dance classes means that some physical contact is necessary as part of planned activity, however, this will always be ‘appropriate’ and focused on the development of skills relating to dance, drama or confidence building. Some of the devising work, for older participants in particular, may also require them to share or talk about emotions or real life events. These will always be handled with sensitivity and never expected – they share only what is appropriate and what they choose to share. If, however, anything is disclosed during Jump sessions regarding abuse of a physical or psychological nature, this will be reported to parents or guardians, or to the appropriate authorities, always in consultation with the child or young person concerned.


Kelly O’Leary