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Little Jumpers

Monday and Tuesday, 10.45-12pm – 2-4 yr olds,  £36

littlejumpers_bubbleslittlejumpers_dancing littlejumpers_making littlejumpers_snackIn Little Jumpers I have created an interactive, fun filled session that encourages children and their parents to move, make and play together.

Making and moving encourages and develops each toddler’s confidence, spatial awareness, co-ordination, rhythm, and imagination. Singing and playing helps language and vocabulary development, self-expression and enhances communication skills. The children are introduced to a mix of traditional and contemporary music and get great enjoyment from using the variety of props and percussive instruments.

The class is structured, yet relaxed, providing an environment where both toddlers, and grown-ups can meet new friends and have fun together. The session starts with a healthy snack, free play and chance for grown-ups to grab a coffee.

We sing, we dance, we play and we make.